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   There are two main travel destinations to Egypt:

Sharm El Sheikh

- the best destination for those who associate Egypt mainly with sun and wonderful underwater world full of colors. Why? Because nowhere else, within a 4-hour flight from Europe, there are such wonderful coral reefs. They are accessed directly from the hotel's beach or pier. Many hotels also have professional diving centers.


- is the best location for those who love history - hence it is the closest to "discovering" Cairo, Luxor, Assuan and other places full of ancient monuments. Of course, the sea is just as warm and beaches as sandy, as in

Sharm El Sheikh

. Hotels situated south and north of Marsa Alam can also be an alternative to Hurghada.    Anyway, there are people for whom Egypt means wonderful underwater world. They prefer

Sharm El Sheikh

. Why? The answer is simple - there's no place within four hours flight from Europe with such magnificent coral reefs.
Below is a list of all

Sharm El Sheikh

hotels. Just click the name of a given hotel or open one of the interactive maps. Then click a hotel outline to read a very short and very subjective opinion about it.
  • Colours next to the hotel names mean:
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   On the smaller map above, you could see a plan of "entertaiment" centre of

Sharm El Sheikh

, i.e.

 Naama Bay

. On this plan there are places where you can eat something good, have fun and buy souvenirs. The famous walk is marked with a wavy line - you cannot miss it!